Jeneration Apparel Mansion Shoot

When I heard from a Facebook group about a fashion “shoot out” in a mansion, I jumped at the chance! I didn’t let a tiring and hot day of photographing soccer kids the morning before stop me from taking advantage of this event. The location is in a quiet neighborhood near the Lone Mountain area […]

Dirt in the Skirt

Dirt in the Skirt (a.k.a. DITS) is an event where “outdoor lifestyle meets the world of digital photography”. Organized by Mike Lee of Polarpics, he invited people to bring in their off-road vehicles, as well as models and photographers. It was a fun day filled with food, babes and hunks, dirty toys, and friendship.

Staysi Lee Bridal Boutique – Designer Spotlight

Staysi Lee is a very talented designer, whose designs embrace vintage and pin-up flare. She started off designing and selling her ever-popular infinity convertible dress, where you can wrap and twist the dress to create many designs. Taking inspiration from her own personal style, especially from her wedding, she expanded into creating customized wedding dresses. […]

Published in Vegas Runway Magazine’s “Golden Eras” Edition

After about a year of “schmoozing” and networking with her, I finally got to collaborate with IShinensparkle founder, Elena, and photograph her GORGEOUS statement jewelry pieces. She was setting up series of shoots with other photographers to fill the pages for the second issue of Vegas Runway Magazine’s “Golden Eras” edition, where she is the […]

The Dry Lake Bed Chronicles

I’m not sure if “chronicles” is a good word, but I wanted a more flashier title to highlight the locations I frequently go to for photo shoots. There are many wonderful places for photo shoots in the Las Vegas area, but they are also limiting. Some areas, like Red Rock Canyon, are owned by the […]

Helmut Newton-Style Film Project with Sarah

One of my favorite photographers is the iconic Helmut Newton. His amazing black and white photos, especially of the female form, was a staple for fashion magazines like Vogue. Sarah is a local pin-up model. With her classic looks, she was perfect for this shoot. We both found doing a shoot with film challenging. Because […]

Eldorado Canyon Nelson Meetup

Photo by Ken Elsner My Aspiring Photographers meetup group and I had a large meetup at the Eldorado Canyon Mines at Nelson. Because there is so much to photograph, I invited all photographers of every level to join. There were people from our group that did their own shoots, while others tagged along with me. […]

Dana Point Photo Shoot

Whenever I visit my family in Southern California, I always try to set up shoots during my visits just to break away from the usual locations I shoot in Vegas. I put up a couple posts in a Facebook group for Los Angeles area photographers, models, makeup artists, and anyone in the industry. Not only […]

Sunset Portraits With Off-Camera Flash Meetup

When I first started photography, taking pictures of the sunset AND the subject with the correct exposure was a huge struggle of mine. Because I started off as a landscape photographer, I always wanted a scenic background behind the subject. The problem with using natural light is your backgrounds will be blown-out and white, especially […]

Fun With Film

Since catching the photography bug in 2012, I tried to start a collection of fully-functional vintage or unique cameras. The Nikon N65 was the first camera I bought for my collection. I bought it on eBay rarely used for only $18! The nice thing about the Nikon N65 is that all my full-frame lenses work […]